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Support Service Provision

Semicons-Global Ltd provides Services to a range of Industries, Predominantly Semiconductor or Automotive, however these services will serve other Industries just aswell.

Proven Excellence

Product Support Services

With a proven record of Supporting and resolving product concerns, able to provide Comprehensive & Tailored Product Support Services that manage your Semiconductor products to meet your Business Needs

Semiconductor Failure Analysis Support

A rich History of resolving product failures of all kinds, Customer field and line returns, internal & supplier yields & product qualification fails.

Semiconductor Process Improvement

Determine specific process improvements to overcome concerns or continuous improvement development plans.

Semiconductor Process Control Assessment / Improvement

Evaluate process control measures thoroughly and determine effective improvement methods to prevent or successfully control and mitigate concerns.

Semiconductor Qualification Planning

Develop plans for product specific qualification to a myriad of standards.

Semiconductor Qualification Management

Implement and control Internal & Customer qualification plans to resolution, represent finding and provide regular summary updates.

Semiconductor Reliability improvement management

Review products & processes to identify and resolve and mitigate reliability risks.

Trusted Excellence

Assembly Support Services

A long record of both Standard and Custom package development with over 20 years of experience in the industry, our Third-Party Semiconductor Packaging Development Support services offers unparalleled expertise, particularly in the area of System in Package (SiP) technologies. We are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of semiconductor packaging, from concept to production

Assembly Product Development

It is crucial to establish a comprehensive and robust solution during the development provide a capable & sustainable product into the future.

Assembly Process Development / Control

As an independent service provider, we provide objective assistance to help streamline operations, customized to enhance efficiency while minimizing expense, maintaining quality oversight.

Assembly Package Qualification

Determine a qualification plan to meet AEC or JEDEC suitable for you and your Customers and future package requirements

Assembly Supplier selection

Utilise our contacts and experience as part of the initial partner selection or simply to increase supply potential.

Assembly Failure Analysis Support

A Considerable expertise in successfully resolving assembly issues, well-versed in the tools and methodologies utilized for identifying root causes.

Assembly APQP verification         

In-Depth understanding and decades of experience in all the APQP elements, able to determine plans and support to provide PPAP approvals or simply document NPI processes.

Assembly process Audit

Extensive experience carrying out both Assembly and sub-supplier assessments all worldwide, with a 10yr Chines Visa.

Trusted Excellence

Wafer Support Services

Whether it’s a problem with the product in the field, evaluation of a process, the need to assess a supplier’s facility, or just straightforward control of the product prior to assembly and testing, we can provide the relevant support to regain control.

Wafer Fabrication Process Control

Ensures precise control over the fabrication process to maintain product consistency and meet strict quality standards, helping to address any potential production issues.

Wafer Part Average Testing (Static/Dynamic)

Utilising SPAT & DPAT methods, characterise and understand Voice of the process.

Wafer Fabrication Process Audit

Extensive experience carrying out wafer Fab and sub-supplier assessments worldwide (10yr Chines Visa), conducts comprehensive evaluations of wafer fabrication processes, aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce defects.

Wafer product reliability evaluation.

Assesses the durability and operational reliability of wafer products through rigorous testing protocols, to further understand long-term performance of under various environmental conditions.

Trusted Excellence

Supplier Management Services

Our Supplier Management Services provide an objective and thorough examination of your suppliers, to determine a development plan and future roadmap to meet Quality & Delivery requirements.

Supplier Development / Management

Focuses on enhancing supplier performance through targeted development initiatives, continuous improvement monitoring, developing a close mutually beneficial relationship.

Supplier Selection

Employs a rigorous selection process that evaluates potential suppliers on various criteria, such as capability, quality, reliability, cost and compliance, to ensure alignment with your strategic objectives.

Supplier Assessment

Our Third-Party Supplier Audit service offers an objective, meticulous examination of your suppliers, ensuring they meet both your standards and regulatory requirements.

Advanced Product Quality planning (APQP) Management

Manages the implementation of APQP methodologies among suppliers to streamline new product development phases, ensuring quality consistency and compliance with industry standards from the outset.

Supplier Business Continuity Planning

Develop robust business continuity strategies with suppliers to minimize risks and ensure a stable & sustainable supply chains, implementing relevant safeguards to reduce impact of disruptions.

Supplier Failure Analysis Process Support

Considerable expertise in successful resolution of Supplier issues and well-versed in the tools and techniques employed utilized for root causes analysis / resolution.

Trusted Excellence

Quality Support Services

Our Quality Support Services provide comprehensive solutions tailored to enhance the Quality, Reliability and Efficiency of semiconductor manufacturing processes.

APQP Core tools Support

Offers expertise in Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) tools to facilitate all project stages, ensuring Automotive Quality Assurance requirements are met throughout the product lifecycle.

Customer Validation audits

Able to provide thorough assessments on behalf of customers to confirm that all semiconductor products and processes align with best practices.

ESD Auditing

Evaluation of facilities, processes & methods for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) risks and controls, helping to reduce ESD events that can damage devices and impact product integrity.

Cleanliness Auditing

provide specialized assessments to ensure the adequate cleanliness of semiconductor manufacturing environments, that meet the need of the product, reducing defect density contamination risks.

New Process Commissioning Assessment

Assists in the successful assessment and commissioning of new semiconductor processes, ensuring they are operationally sound and ready for volume production without compromising quality.

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