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Premier Third-Party Semiconductor Packaging Development Support: Leveraging Over Two Decades of Innovation and Expertise

In the fast-paced and highly technical field of semiconductor manufacturing, the development of advanced packaging solutions is a critical component of product success. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our Third-Party Semiconductor Packaging Development Support services offers unparalleled expertise, particularly in the area of System in Package (SiP) technologies. We are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of semiconductor packaging, from concept to production.

Semiconductor Package

Custom Package Design & Development

Elevating Beyond the Conventional
In the intricate world of Semiconductor devices, the value of advanced package design is often overshadowed by its basic function to form a bridge between the Die and the PCB. Yet, the scope of packaging extends far beyond this traditional role.
We recognize the package as a pivotal component of the semiconductor’s structural architecture, one that introduces additional functionality and reliability into the final product.

Expanding Horizons with Innovative Design

Imagine the synergy between an engine and its chassis in automotive development; similarly, in the semiconductor realm, the Die (engine) and the Package (chassis) work in unison yet possess untapped potential for individual enhancement. This perspective opens up avenues for progressive development and refinement.

Packaging Process Development Services

Packaging Process Development

In a market where product design and development cycles are rapidly shrinking, Customers are demanding a constant stream of advancements and we understand the need for a dynamic development roadmap that keeps offerings at the cutting edge.
Our expertise in semiconductor packaging enable us to delve deep into the potential of your designs, processes, and requirements and our objective third party stance empowers you to craft and deliver a strategic plan that is both thoughtful and robust, aligning your suppliers’ capabilities with your customers’ evolving needs.
Whether you need a short term evaluation or long term strategy, we are able to support your direction with considered objective approach.

Semiconductor Consultants

System in Package (SiP)

Over the last 15 years have introduced a number of different size Custom SiP devices with different MEMS and functional chips, utilising Cavity, Flip chip and stacked die methods to supply volume production close to a billion devices to the automotive market .
Require a Heterogeneous integrated Custom package and need someone to support Feasibility, Design, Development and Introduction.

Semiconductor Package Development

Package Assembly Supplier Management

Developing a cost effective continuous improvement approach with the ability to commit and react to forecast fluctuations is essential and critical to meeting Customer expectation and business success. Our Third-Party Supplier Management services are specifically tailored to work with your unique needs whilst emphasizing the development of a proactive relationship.

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