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Semiconductor Consultants

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We offer Global Semiconductor consulting services to support both the Industry and their Customers.
Founded on a wealth of experience, we specialize in providing expert support for industry contracts.

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Comprehensive services for all types of semiconductor contracts.

Semiconductor Consultants

Semiconductor Package development

Premier Third-Party Semiconductor Packaging Development Support: Leveraging Over Two Decades of Innovation and Expertise.
In the fast-paced and highly technical field of semiconductor manufacturing, the development of advanced packaging solutions is a critical component of product success. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our Third-Party Semiconductor Packaging Development Support services offers unparalleled expertise, particularly in the area of System in Package (SiP) technologies. We are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of semiconductor packaging, from concept to production.

Semiconductor Consultants

Supply Management

Expert Third-Party Supplier Audits:
Ensuring Quality, Compliance, and Peace of Mind
In today’s complex and interconnected business environment, maintaining a high standard of quality and compliance in your supply chain is not just a goal – it’s a necessity. Our Third-Party Supplier Audit service offers an objective, meticulous examination of your suppliers, ensuring they meet both your standards and regulatory requirements.

Semiconductor Consultants

Failure Analysis

Advanced Semiconductor Failure Analysis:
Unraveling the Mysteries Behind Chip Failures
In the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, understanding the root causes of chip failures is essential for maintaining quality, building-in reliability and improving competitiveness. .

Semiconductor Consultants

Project Quality Engineering

Bringing Excellence to Your Projects
Semiconductor manufacturing is where innovation and precision are paramount, but they need to be balanced, so as to be reliable and on time, having that experience in your team can make all the difference, even if only there during the critical times or to bring back to plan. As an experienced Project Semiconductor Quality professional, I specialise in providing unbiased oversight through meticulous quality planning and monitoring, whether as part of the team or auditing of progress. With a deep understanding of the semiconductor industry’s challenges and opportunities, I am committed to ensuring that your projects meet their needs.

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Professional Consultation Services

Tailored consultancy services to boost your projects.

Customer Support

Customer facing involvement, providing proven approach to resolving Customer Concerns using array of Tools & Techniques.

Supplier Management

Efficient project coordination from inception to completion.

Quality Assurance

Comprehensive Practical knowledge of every facet of assurance, control & tactic

Project Involvement

Wide range & level of Leadership or support in product or process development and task resolution, including qualification & reliability.

Semiconductor packaging solutions

Consultation Process



Determine requirements and objectives for initial contact



Provide approach & terms for agreement



Continuous reflect & monitor progress against targets.


Summary report that identifies the final status


Unabridged version available on LinkedIn Profile

Semiconductor Consultant

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